HDPE Cable Protection Pipes, today, the rapidly developing technology with infrastructure to the density and performance needed. TS 13476-3 produced in standard HDPE pipe is a pipe of the infrastructure Cable Storage systems for this rapidly evolving communication and data transfer. In industry, telecommunications, Broadband and provides excellent performance for the protection of coaxial cable. Cable Protection HDPE pipe used in power lines only, which can be provided with additional and complementary elements of two or three-eyed multiplexer parts. Made of high density polyethylene HDPE cable protection pipes it is resistant to environmental conditions and HDPE cable is subterranean applicant and is flexible.

  • HDPE cable protection pipes have high durability.
  • HDPE cable casings have a high degree of frictional resistance.
  • HDPE cable casing ensures high resistance to chemicals.
  • HDPE cable casing shows high resistance to impact and abrasion.
  • HDPE cable protection pipes are resistant to UV rays.
  • HDPE cable protection pipes transport due to lightweight and easy to install.
  • HDPE cable protection pipes are economic.
  • HDPE cable casings have a high compressive strength.
  • HDPE cable casing has the sealing properties.
  • Compared with other cable casing and light weight, ease of installation, HDPE cable with many advantages such as economic casing that is the most appropriate solution.
Standard : TS EN 50086-2-4
Material : HDPE / High Density Polyethylene
Tensile Strength : 27 Mpa
Impact Strength : 5 kg/570 mm/ - 5ºC
Elongation at Break : % 750
Amount of Carbon Black : % 2,5